Thursday, November 19, 2009

Lost Luggage: It Happens!

While a lost bag is a large nuisance to any traveler, it can turn into a much larger nuisance to the airline itself. Just a few months ago an unsuspecting traveler reclaimed his guitar on the far side of his journey, but quickly discovered it wasn't in the condition he had left it. His anger towards United Airlines (NASDAQ:UAL) resulted in a You Tube video entitled "United Breaks Guitars". A few months and 5.8 million views later, United Airlines has to reap the repercussions of an otherwise minor event. In the grand scheme, it is a miracle in itself that so many pieces of luggage make it unharmed to their destinations every day. As if the current state of economic distress weren’t hard enough on airlines, worse so is the increasing demand for improved service and phenomenal customer satisfaction. Unfortunately these are exactly the services most major air-carriers are looking to cut back on just to stay above water. As sales continue to decrease due to a loss of customer satisfaction, the lesser the ability becomes for airlines to afford the fixes.

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